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About Me

I am Ryan Heywood, a software developer with an interest towards security and cryptography. I've contributed to projects in the past, such as Hashbang (GitHub) and ALE. My biggest recent project has been Keyfork, a key management and disaster recovery toolkit written in Rust, a language I picked up by writing my blog (using Axum).

Some of my Favorite Projects


The use of BIP32 seeds and BIP39 mnemonics has become quite common in the cryptography world and I wanted to see if I could use deterministic derivation to generate secrets I use elsewhere, such as an OpenPGP keychain. Keyfork is a tool that I built with Distrust for deterministic generation of cryptographic keys.

Shell Server

A lot of the work I contributed to Hashbang has been through the shell server, a system designed to integrate with an external authentication database, built resilient enough that we can trust that giving users the ability to run code on our hardware wouldn't cause a significant impact on other users. The project is an overall success, having spent years in a production status with hundreds of users and minimal compromise, and has given me an incredible knowledge of how Linux systems and what goes into making containers work.


This was an experiment to see how powerful the Lua language could act as a VM for a language with higher level constructs, like first class generators and async operations. While the project as a whole is mostly abandoned, I learned a lot while writing it and generally consider my time spent working on the project to be incredibly valuable.

Contacting Me

I can be reached through the following methods, in order of how likely you are to reach me:

If you need to reach me in a secure manner, you can do so using PGP. My PGP key key is openpgp4fpr:88823A75ECAA786B0FF38B148E401478A3FBEF72 and is linked through most of my social media through the keyoxide link.

Licensing Information

Unless otherwise stated, the textual content of this website is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Unless otherwise stated, all code snippets on this website have been released to the public domain.